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Cinderella by mandiemanzano

WOW!!! Considering I am a person who understands true beauty, And OF true beauty, I think...NO! I know! that this is a wonderful showin...



(A/N) Again, sorry I haven't updated in a while... Iv,e been on Quotev too much.

It has been four months and I'm starting to show... and I know what your thinking, what about Jamie, Sophie and my parents? well... my parents minds had to be erased of me and only Jamie and Sophie still remember me... its been really hard having to be away from them for so long... I really miss them but of coarse I can't go see them... plus everyone except Jamie and Sophie had to have their minds erased of me... witch I'm taking SUPER hard! all of my friends... gone.
everything I worked for in school... gone.  all my fun times with my family... gone.

Jamie and Sophie visit every now and then, but Jack and I still haven't broken it to them about the baby and I don't plan to until its born... am I horrible or what?

"Hey! (Y/n)? you okay?" I looked over to see Jack trying to get my attention
"Yeah! ...I'm fine" I sighed and slouched on my bed fiddling with my lucky necklace I found a few weeks ago.

"I know its hard (Y/N), but try to think on the bright side... just imagine your-"
"OUR baby" I corrected 
He chuckled "Right. our baby" He held one hand to mine and the other to my swollen stomach.

*  *  *

I walked out of my room with Jack and greeted some of the yeti's as I slowly walked down the steps.

"Jack! I can walk on my own!" I complained taking my hand out of his
"I just want you and the baby to be safe!" Jack replied

I scoffed and walked over to the kitchen and picked out some chocolate.
"Nope! not today sweets!" Jack rips the chocolate out of my hand and floats above me
"Jack! please give me back my treat!" I tried jumping for it but he just floated higher
"Sorry hun, its bad for the baby" He smirked
"Oh my god! everything is bad for the baby to you!" I laughed
"Not everything..." Jack put the chocolate on the counter and held my hand as he examined my stomach.
"I'M good for the baby" He said as our foreheads touched
"How?" I asked smugly
"...because a baby needs its father" He answered quietly
"I guess your right" I smiled in his direction
"Of coarse I am, now, I gotta go bring a snow storm to Russia!" He flew out of the room.

I sighed and sat in a chair in the corner thinking about everything... until Jack flew back in and kissed my cheek "Bye (Y/N)! bye junior!" He kissed my stomach and flew out.

*  *  *

I was reading a thick book in my room a few hours later. I needed some action around here! life is getting boring! All there is, is reading, eating, sleeping, and Jack worrying! I need some variety! So I decided to go for a walk.

I was walking around the halls, just roaming, when I came upon a neat little door.
It was covered in vines and ivy, the door itself was a faded red with some scratch's on it... I wonder why I never saw this before?

I opened the door slowly to see a neat little cabin looking room... hmm...
It had a dark green sofa, a tall house lamp, a little flower bed, and a coat rack.
"Cute!" I exclaimed
Okay, so two guys I know from school, one one I think I like, and One I claim to hate, Were in a form of round sort of enfirmery, I was lying on a check up bed and I wasn't wearing any shoes, the two boys D.L. and T.L. (initials not related) they seemed to be waiting with me and Tori from Disney 365, was my nurse who wore a neon blue T-shirt, with her hair in a ponytail, and was typing something on her computer/laptop. 

Then I blacked out for a bit, and I dreamt that I was sleeping witch was weird, It felt like 6 hours I was in a dream/sleep. 

P.S. my mom can be a bitch

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